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Happy 7 booboo :)

Thank you for being a part of me and for always being there for me (except for that one time where you chose Zharif over me :P) And for being the most perfect boyfriend in the world. I really cant thank you enough. You're everything I hope and wish for. You're all I need. I cant wait to spend 700 more years with you (and then Im done hehe) 

I love you sayang ♥

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A is for Azman

B is for boyfriend

C ​is for crazy in love

D is for devoted

E is for everything

F is for forever and ever

G is for girlfriend

H is for hugs

I is for I LOVE YOU

J is for just you

K is for kisses

L is for love

M is for mmmwah

N is for Nabilah

O is for only you

P is for permanent 

R is for relationship

S is for sayang

T is for Taylor Swift

U is for us

V is for viber

W is for with all my heart

X is for xoxo

Y is for yours

Z is for zzzz

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Day 4: 10 things you want to say to one person

And that one person is...
Go ahead, give it a guess. Azman? Wow, am I that transparent?

1. I miss you so much, its driving me crazy. 
2. YOU drive me crazy
3. You are always on my mind. Always.
4. I am truly deeply incredibly in love with you
5. You are the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me
6. I can never get enough of you.
7. Just thinking of you gets me butterflies
8. I want to love you for millions and millions of years
9. I like that I'm yours, you're mine and we're us. 
10. I love you, you you and only you. Forever, ever ever and ever.
11. I want to adopt a monkey with you. 

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 10 things I hate

1 Cranky bus drivers
2 Earlymorning-Katrina
3 Being late
4 Taylor Swift
5 Waiting
6 Doing laundry
7 Spoilers
8 Being broke 
9 Learning Japanese
10 Party poopers

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10 things I love:

1. Ahmad Azman 
2. Ahmad Azman 
3. Ahmad Azman 
4. Ahmad Azman 
5. Ahmad Azman 
6. Ahmad Azman 
7. Ahmad Azman  
8. Ahmad Azman 
9. Justin Bieber
10. Ahmad Azman 

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 10 things about me:

I love daisies
I hate Selena Gomez. (Shes got Bieber, AND pink horses!? How is that fair?)
I am still very much obsessed with the royal wedding
I dont like jams 
My favourite colour's green
I talk to myself all the time
I take long showers
I love bus and train rides
The sound of chirping crickets helps me sleep 
I love beans

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