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[26 Dec 2011|06:24pm]

Happy 7 booboo :)

Thank you for being a part of me and for always being there for me (except for that one time where you chose Zharif over me :P) And for being the most perfect boyfriend in the world. I really cant thank you enough. You're everything I hope and wish for. You're all I need. I cant wait to spend 700 more years with you (and then Im done hehe) 

I love you sayang ♥

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[21 Aug 2011|07:48am]
A is for Azman

B is for boyfriend

C ​is for crazy in love

D is for devoted

E is for everything

F is for forever and ever

G is for girlfriend

H is for hugs

I is for I LOVE YOU

J is for just you

K is for kisses

L is for love

M is for mmmwah

N is for Nabilah

O is for only you

P is for permanent 

R is for relationship

S is for sayang

T is for Taylor Swift

U is for us

V is for viber

W is for with all my heart

X is for xoxo

Y is for yours

Z is for zzzz

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[19 Aug 2011|12:08pm]
Day 4: 10 things you want to say to one person

And that one person is...
Go ahead, give it a guess. Azman? Wow, am I that transparent?

1. I miss you so much, its driving me crazy. 
2. YOU drive me crazy
3. You are always on my mind. Always.
4. I am truly deeply incredibly in love with you
5. You are the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me
6. I can never get enough of you.
7. Just thinking of you gets me butterflies
8. I want to love you for millions and millions of years
9. I like that I'm yours, you're mine and we're us. 
10. I love you, you you and only you. Forever, ever ever and ever.
11. I want to adopt a monkey with you. 

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[12 Jul 2011|09:55pm]

ひひひひひひ (ni gelak). 
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[07 Jul 2011|10:09am]
 10 things I hate

1 Cranky bus drivers
2 Earlymorning-Katrina
3 Being late
4 Taylor Swift
5 Waiting
6 Doing laundry
7 Spoilers
8 Being broke 
9 Learning Japanese
10 Party poopers
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[23 Jun 2011|05:14pm]
10 things I love:

1. Ahmad Azman 
2. Ahmad Azman 
3. Ahmad Azman 
4. Ahmad Azman 
5. Ahmad Azman 
6. Ahmad Azman 
7. Ahmad Azman  
8. Ahmad Azman 
9. Justin Bieber
10. Ahmad Azman 
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[22 Jun 2011|04:28am]
 10 things about me:

I love daisies
I hate Selena Gomez. (Shes got Bieber, AND pink horses!? How is that fair?)
I am still very much obsessed with the royal wedding
I dont like jams 
My favourite colour's green
I talk to myself all the time
I take long showers
I love bus and train rides
The sound of chirping crickets helps me sleep 
I love beans
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[22 Jun 2011|02:33am]

Day 1: 10 things about you

Day 2: 10 things you love 

Day 3: 10 things you hate

Day 4: 10 things you want to say to one person

Day 5: 10 wishes

Day 6: 10 things you cant live without

Day 7: 10 important people

Day 8: 10 favourite songs

Day 9: 10 favourite movies

Day 10: 10 secrets.

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[16 Jun 2011|07:11am]
Ahmad Azman, I love love love love love you. Always always always will. Mmmmmmmmm :)
-Nabilah Sujak.
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[12 Jun 2011|01:28am]
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[11 Jun 2011|12:43am]
If you were planning to get me earphones, get me this instead. Save $15 pun :D

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[08 Jun 2011|06:39pm]
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[04 Jun 2011|04:49pm]
What comes after June? Yep, thats right, JULLYYY! Making a birthday wishlist, (so everyone can start saving up!) Now dont go asking me "What do you want for your birthday?" malu kot nak jawab apaaaa.


Ive always wanted oneeee. Ive to start saving up pun anyway, and I want to be Sarah Walker. Haha!

2) A ticket back home

Click: (actually youd have to cut and paste sebab I dont know how to do the "click here" thing Sarah always does on her blog, hehe sorry) https://book.malaysiaairlines.com/itd/itd and type in your credit card details. Ill be the happiest birthday girl alive!


The camera Quinn had in I am number 4. Or the other one in the movie, a Canonet Rangefinder (buruk kan bunyi tapi?)

4) A new pair of earphones. Mine looks like belacan now.

5) A musical box.

Something antique-ish like this, but with a dancing ballerina


This boy right here:

At the top of the list! I could never ask for more.
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[03 May 2011|07:14pm]

Strap her onto a chair. With a gun or a lie detector, you'll get all my secrets! 
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[26 Apr 2011|06:26pm]
 I totally lost the challenge didnt I? Oh, man!

Oh well.


These two. To death.
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[21 Apr 2011|12:27pm]
Im actually doing this on my ipod. Haha. Coolnya. Im trying to teach my stubby thumbs how to type properly. So far so good. No typos. Take that Megan Fox! Hm this isnt me trying to torture mr stubby thumbs for being so stubby or anything, im just really bored and my laptops sick. Charger wont work. Bought one from ebay but its still not here. Probably gonna get it before next week. Well it better! I have assignments, lots and lots of em.
So basically i only get to go on my laptop for about two hours every night after charging mr mcdreamy in abgmis room. Im afraid i might love ipod more than i do mcdreamy :O I can go on fastpass on my it. How cool is that la? Easier for me to tent in my blanket with it. Yay yay double yay! But yea i do have to squint my eyes abit every now and then but that doesnt bother me much.
Im actually bored and i feel like crap. Today isnt a good day. So im trying to distract myself, keep my mind off things. Im making pecal later. Been craving for benda pelik pelik lately. I ate a jar of sweet gherkins with tobasco the other night. Boy what did that do to poor little tummy :( what else? I talked to shaki just now. She was helping me grocery shop. Bbmed her pics of sayurs cause i didnt know how kangkung looked like. Ngeh. I havent slept all night. No wonder im feeling crappy sangat. Oh and i forgot to get my redbull. How how now? I think im gonna nap abit. I need to wake up to make dinner. So gdnight? Bye!
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[16 Apr 2011|11:56pm]

I slept real early the night before. Washed my handmade tshirt, then went straight to bed. Woke up at around 3. Was already feeling nervous to meet the man of my dreams. Ahhhh!! Talked to Linda, made supper, talked to a few other people, waiting for the sun to rise so I can start getting ready for my baby! :) 

Linda went to bed, leaving me all alone. So Bruno Mars' songs kept me company til morning. 

After hours of doing my hair and dancing to Runaway Baby in front of the mirror, Mr Sun came :) Went outside to grab my Bruno Mars shirt. The kunyit stain came off. Yayyyy! It looked like it was gonna rain. "Please rain please, not today. I spent too much time on my hair already". Checked the weather forecast. Sun sun and more sun. Yay yay and more yay! 

Took a quick hot shower. Brushed my teeth (twice!) Slipped into my shirt and shorts. I looked buruk, I was getting all stressed out I felt like crying and not going. Over! Haha. Powdered my face a bit. And I was already set to go! I was getting more and more nervous. Millions of butterflies were fluttering inside my tummy. Or maybe it was just something I ate yesterday. All good.

Kat Bbm-ed, wished me good morning, and was all excited for Bruno! And Azman whatsapp-ed. Sent him what I was wearing, "You ada option lain tak?" he asked. Nampak sangat he thought I looked buruk. 
Then Nadh, who by the way thought I looked decent (and asked me to just wear what I was wearing) called to remind me to take lots of pictures. And to remind me what to bring. "Phone?" "Dah", "Ticket" "Yep", "Panties?" "Ada", "Marker" "Ha? I dont have a marker, Im not you!" "Whats that supposed to mean?" Haha. She kept asking me to find a marker. Even asked me to run to the nearest store to get a marker. Crazy, that one. Haha.
And she walked me to the train station. Awwww, the sweetest :') She bragged about going to Good Charlotte's concert the next day. Oh come on Nadh. Dont make a fool out of yourself. Good Charlotte has got nothing on Bruno Mars. Like hello? Haha! "Good Charlotte yang : Im just a kidd and life is a nightmaree tu yeah?" I asked. She went amok! Haha.

So anyways, I got to the train station. Bumped into a guy I met at the bus stop a few weeks back. He smiled, I begged Nadh to stay on the line cause I cant really recall at that time who he was. 

Nadh called me back after I got to Milson's Point. Then only I realised I didnt bring my camera! What an idiot! Wanted to go back but malas lah. So I went to sit at the park, under the Harbour bridge. Had my lunch while Nadh quizzed me on Bruno's songs. Nailed every song, man! Went to Luna Park, I got there too early. No one was there yet. Went back to the park, had my very own pre concert while laying on the grass under the bridge. 

Went back to Luna Park, we had to queue at the boardwalk (I didnt know where that was) So I followed these groupie-like girls and found Bruno!! getting interviewed. Just a glassdoor away from me. I could die right there and then. It was crazyyyyy. I stayed for about 40minutes. He flying kissed me, well okay, us. I was squealing, jumping up and down like a crazy kid. Those girls looked at me like I was a loser. Sorang sorang, kesiannn.

So anyways, I found my way to the boardwalk. There were at least 50people in front of me, but whatever, at least I got to see him first! So I queued. For two hours. ALONE!

Kat bbmed me the whole time, it made me look less like a loser. Heh. Then I got in. Squeezed my way to the front. Quite happy with my spot. Stood there for another hour. 

The lights dimmed. Out they came. Dont get too excited, it wasnt Bruno, just a bunch of guys I think they were from South Africa. They called themselves Diafrix. They were surprisingly good.Well I knew they were going to be good tapi I thought Id be more like "Cepat lah, I want Bruno". But no, I was really enjoying myself. I got all hyped up and was dancing and screaming throughout the whole performance. It was reallly goood. Like really really. I was having so much fun, didnt even realise an hour has passed.  

They got off stage. And I got nervous again! Butterflies fluttering again (well I was a bit hungry juga). 

They made us wait for another 20minutes or so. They put on some oldies. And then there was "My Girl", one of my many wedding songs. Right then I knew, Bruno and I were meant to be *sighssss*

It was time. That was it. I took off my sweater. Hoping that he'd see my tshirt, fall in love with me and take me on his tours.

Then I saw him. For the first time (not counting the interview tadi cause there was a glass between us). He showed off his drumskills. Everyone was losing their minds, shrieking and screaming at the top of their lungs. And then he came to the front of the stage, threw up his hands and struck a pose. I let out a loud high-pitched scream, I even scared myself a bit. 

He started off with The other side. Cause he said he came from the other side of the world, or something like that. 

The next song was a new song I think. And then he did that "Baby baby baby" thing, and I went crazyyyy. Literally. It was like I was being possessed or something. 

Another new song. It sounded a bit familiar, but Im not sure what its called. 

The next song was Billionaire. Everyone went crazy.
Then he asked us if he could slow it down a bit.
"Ladies is it okay, is it okay if we slow it down?"
"Of course Bruno, anything anything anything for you".

And so he did, he sang Our First Time.
"If youre feeling sexy tonight, say Oh-oh-oh"
"Oh oh ohhh!"
He asked to turn the lights down. Said we can take our time tonight, he just wanted to do ME right. Asked if he could kiss my lips, put his hands on my hips and touch me all over. 
I was in awe. Stunned. I was this close to crying, I swear.

And then he wanted to do something different. Something he used to do back when they played in bars and pubs. They did a mash up of Billie Jean and Smells Like Teen Spirit, and Seven Nation Army after. 

Next he did this comel acapella thing followed by Marry You. There was this cute couple in front of me, the guy was singing to his girlfriend. Jealous sekejap. Hehe. But then Bruno was in front of me. Who wants a boyfriend when you can have Bruno? Right? 

Sambung with Lazy Song. He told us that his favourite part of the song was "Omg this is great". He wanted to do that part again, and shoosh-ed us and asked us to pay attention because it was musical artistry at its finest. So cuteeeeeee. 

Next was Lazy Song with his ukulele. Again the boyfriend was being so cute with his girlfriend. Tapi takpe. Hehe not like I could do anything pun.

Then it was Liquor Store Blues.

Pastuu he dedicated the next song to all the beautiful girls, beautiful Australian girls. Over mcm I was Australian pula. Whatever la, but he did point into my direction juga. He wanted to make it special and sing to one girl from the crowd. I was jumping up and down like a silly kid, screaming "Me! Me, pick me!". But he sang it to this girl 'Shontelle'. Benci benci benci. He didnt hear what her name was at first so he was like "Oh your names just gonna be Jasmine for tonight" Alaaa comellll. And he called her baby squirrel. Benciii!! 

He then complained on how girls would tell you they love you and all but would just break your heart in the end. Oh no I would never ever ever do that to you. I promise. He then sang Grenade.

And the last song was Just The Way You Are. It was just beautifuuuul. This time I really wanted to cry. Cause he didnt sing for me tadi! (And he didnt sing Talking to the Moon). And because the nights ending. 

He went backstage and we went all "Bruno! Bruno!" "Encore! Encore!" And he went back on with Runaway Babyyyyyyy! I chicka'uh-ed eventhough he didnt. Heee :) And Urghhh, that carrot. Damn you carrot. I didnt want to share it. 

Then he went all "I feel like moving I feel like shaking I feel like dancing", and danced with the rest of the crew. I was already out of my mind at this point.

Habis. And they were throwing stuff to the crowd. I caught the drummer's towel, but that stupid girl behind me snatched it away. Wiiiiiitcchhhhh! 

Then it was over. Went back home. My throat was bleeding and begging for water. But I had to wait til I get home cause I didnt want to stop anywhere. I got on the wrong train. But managed to get home by 12:30. Abang Mi was waiting in the living room. He got a bit mad cause I didnt call. Went to my room, watched the videos I took on my iPod. I just cant get enough of him. 


And now I just cant stop watching his new video. So cuteeeeee. 

Senang cerita (chewah dah membebel mcm orang gila nak senang cerita konon), it was the best concert ive ever been to. I havent been to many, but THISSSS beats the rest lah :D Sorry Boyd baby, yours was super super awesome too. You missed by a few points je. Dont worry I still love you! 

And Bruno baby, if youre reading this (hehe), Im gonna wait for you even if it takes forever. And I will only take off this red (Reds are for under18s, muda kan?) concert wristband on the day you take my hand in marriage. Heee :)

Every inch of my body still aches. Yes, he was THAT GOOD. 
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[16 Apr 2011|06:12am]


I hate cicak. Eeerrghh. 

Autophobia / Eremophobia:

I dont want to be the old bitter lady who lives with her 17cats. But then again, Id be living with KakYa. So technically I wont be alone alone, but still alone lah. Eee, I dont want that. 


Haha I just dont like changing in front of people. It pisses Sarah off when I ask her not to look. But thats just normal right? Besides, malu tu kan separuh daripada iman?


They scare me. Other dolls pun scare me. Like the tiny tiny people from Small World. Okay theyre cute alright, but imagine being trapped in Small World!!?? Tak comel langsung okay.


I just dont like wet things. Please dont come near me if your hands, feet or any other body parts are wet. I. WOULD. GO. CRAZY. 


The first thing youd hear me say after using my toilet (or any other toilets pun la) : "Dah cuci tangan?". Yeah, Im bermasalah like that. 

You people would probably think Im crazy now don't you? 

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[14 Apr 2011|06:35am]
I want:

to be in Malaysia with family and friends. Feeling abit homesick lately. Mak's coming in a month. Cant wait!

to see Bruno Mars. Eh wait, I AM seeing him. TO-MO-RROW! 

A boy to share coke with :)

Better yet, THIS boy *drools*

This on my doorstep

Right now, some sleep

NOOO, not a dwarf boyfriend. I just want to beeeeee Happy! On second thought, having 7 dwarves would be kind of nice. Heigh-ho!

Okay seriously, what is it with me and dwarves ni?
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[12 Apr 2011|07:01pm]

Places I want to go for my honeymoon:

Venice. I want to go on the gondola ride. 
Disneyland. So we can make our own fairytale there
Mauritius. A double honeymoon with Sarah and her husband. Shes going to take pictures of us! Yay!
Bora bora. Cause it sounds so sexy sexy
Langkawi pun boleh la. Cantik whattt. 

(Sorry no picutres, google la yourself!)
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